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Why Community Collaboration is Essential to Developing Child Care Solutions in Montana
Child care is a necessity for many parents and caregivers around the world. Access to affordable, high-quality child care can be a determining factor in ...
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Child care is an essential service that supports families and helps young children learn and grow. However, many communities face challenges in providing affordable, high-quality child care to their residents. This affects not only families but the local economy as businesses and employers also take a hit when there is a workforce issue due to a lack of proper child care. As a community member, employer, or leader, there are several ways you can get involved and help address these issues. One of the most effective ways is to work with Montana Child Care Business Connect! We can help provide you with information on the current state of child care in your community, as well as opportunities and strategies to bolster action in your community. By getting involved and taking action, you can help ensure that families, businesses and children thrive.

One-On-One Support

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with Senior Child Care Business Advisor Jason Nitschke

Jason joins Zero to Five Montana as our Senior Child Care Business Advisor after eight years in economic development as Vice President with the Great Falls Development Authority (GFDA) and Regional Director of the Great Falls area Small Business Development Center (SBDC). He will be delivering educational opportunities and one-on-one consultation support to entrepreneurs and communities starting, growing, and expanding child care and early education solutions.

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with Community Navigator Shelby Whelan

Shelby is a people-person who is excited to continue her community development work as the Community Navigator for Montana Child Care Business Connect. She helped develop and implement community-led projects related to children and families, facilitated a handful of early childhood coalitions and committees, received the 2022 Moving Mountains award, and became invested in the need for early childhood systems change in Montana.

Meeting demand

Montana Child Care Business Connect (MCCBC) supports the start, stability, viability, and expansion of high-quality, early child care businesses in Montana and helps cultivate child care business stability and sustainability.