Engaging Communities in Addressing Child Care Needs During Winter Holidays

As winter approaches and the holiday season draws near, families often find themselves juggling a multitude of responsibilities; child care needs often take center stage. Winter holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also be a source of stress for parents. These parents find themselves balancing work, school closures, and festive preparations while ensuring their children are safe and well cared for. On the other hand, due to holiday shopping or seasonal careers families might struggle paying their child care provider fees leading to providers feeling similarly stressed and looking for solutions. The holiday season can be a pivotal time when families and communities feel the lack of child care and when community engagement can play a crucial role in developing child care solutions rather than just letting families’ struggle. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of engaging communities to address child care needs during this festive season and provide some actionable steps to make a difference. 

Community Engagement

Fostering a Supportive Network 

Community engagement promotes a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility. By fostering a supportive network, we can alleviate the burden on individual families and ensure that all children are well-cared for. Including the child care providers in the collective vision and solution may help curb the feeling of being isolated, which many child care providers experience. 

Addressing the Winter Holiday Child Care Gap 

The winter holidays often result in a gap in child care services as schools and many child care facilities close for extended periods. Local businesses can be creative in providing family friendly business practices such as work from home policies; allowing parents to work without worrying about their children’s safety. 

Outreach During Festive Occasions 

The winter season is typically full of community engagement events, craft fairs, holiday strolls, and family gatherings. It’s a great time to talk about the needs of the communities and the importance of giving back and supporting your neighbors 


Actionable Steps for Community Engagement 

Establish a Community Task Force 

Gather a group of community leaders, parents, educators, and local business owners to create a task force focused on addressing child care needs. This group can identify gaps in existing child care services and work collaboratively to find solutions. 

Partner with Local Organizations 

Collaborate with local organizations, such as schools, churches, local businesses, and non-profits. These organizations may have the facilities and resources necessary to offer safe and collaborative solutions for children. 

Collect Data 

Use the community gatherings as an opportunity to better understand the needs in the area by surveying community members. Dig deep and ask specific questions about child care needs like needed hours/days, preferences, and their current care plan.  

Host Workshops and Information Sessions 

Educate the community about the current child care data and work together to listen to the needs and the motivations community members provide. Come to the table to find data informed and community driven solutions this holiday season.  


Engaging communities is difficult, and that’s why Montana Child Care Business Connect is here to help. If you’d like one-on-one technical support during your development process, please schedule a meeting with Shelby Whelan here. By working together, we can help parents balance their responsibilities while ensuring that children have a safe and enjoyable childhood. Community engagement not only alleviates stress for parents but also strengthens the bonds that hold communities together, making the winter holidays a time of joy and unity. 

– Shelby Whelan, Community Navigator